Summer Knowledge World Program

The program was also accompanied by some entertaining educational paragraphs, for example: the competition of developing the tower of Cork, the Arduino Programming Competition, and the Connectivity Contest in the Innovation Fund.Knowledge World Summer Program was launched on 28/7/2019 _ 8/8/2019, which lasted for two consecutive weeks with the support of Petroleum Development Oman and the implementation of Innotech. The program targeted the educational stages of grades five, six, seventh, and eighth. Several topics were discussed: the three-dimensional design and printing, reverse engineering, which aims to familiarize students with the basics and engineering structure, also an introduction in the world of Arduino through which they discussed the most important current programming languages, engineering welding, and the InnoBox through which the children were introduced to The basics of electrical conductivity, the conduct of electrical current, types of electrical conductivity, and some are electronic materials.

The program was also accompanied by the final ceremony of the students who presented 10 different student projects. In the presence of Mr. Abdul Amir Al Ajmi, Executive Director of Foreign Affairs and Value Added at PDO, the students were honored with a certificate of participation, Innovation Fund, an introduction book in 3D printing, and a booklet presented in Arduino.

Sustainable Knowledge Program


The Sustainable Knowledge Program was launched on 4/8/2019 _ 8/8/2019, which lasted for one week and was supported by Bee'ah and implemented by Innotech. The program aims to exploit the summer vacation of children in the fun education and take advantage of modern technologies in education. The program tried to highlight the fourth industrial revolution in several areas: design and 3D printing,InnoBox, 3D pen. The program was also accompanied by some student and entertaining activities.

At the end of the program, certificates of participation were distributed to all 30 students participating in the program.

3D Printer

What is 3D printing?
3D printing is a way to convert 3D designs from computer to models with different technologies and prices in everyone's guide.

The benefits of 3D printing:
It is difficult to confine areas with three colors
The idea to be anyone anywhere in the world. .
One of the most widely used fields of 3D printing is engineering and mechanics, as it is a new workshop in mechanics to create great potential in its formation.
Another area that benefits greatly from 3D printing.

3D Printing Techniques:
There are many technologies in 3D printing
1. 3D printing with FDM or FFF technology: It is the most popular technology in the world at the moment. Small businesses disadvantages of this technique is one of the or more in the world. This technique works in a very simple way.
2. 3D printing with SLA technology: It is a technology based on highlighting a chemical liquid. This technology is one of the most accurate techniques ever and can print complex models, and is often used in the printing of precision mechanical models. Its biggest disadvantage is its relatively high price in addition to the high price of the chemical in printing.
3. 3D printing with SLS technology: It is a race-like technology where it relies on high-resolution projection and printing capabilities with a large number of colors in the same stereoscope. Widely used in printing architectural models and gifts. One of its drawbacks is the high price of the device and the need
There are many technologies in the world today.
3D Printing Date:
3D printing is a modern technology that is unmatched in the world, but originated in the 1980s. It has evolved with your time with the new millennium where it has been reviewed in all fields and its prices have become in everyone's guide and there are many techniques in it.

3D Printing in Oman:
In 2016, InnoTech began to intensify the dissemination of 3D printing culture in the Sultanate of Oman and for college and university students to schools. English language training courses in Kuwait, in addition to being composed of male and female students. Private Cars provide 3D printers for some schools.
It also works in the field of 3D printing service at an affordable price.

How do I choose my 3D printer:A very important question for those who wish to enter this area, and the answer depends on the nature of the person's use of the printer, which is mostly for personal use, so it is preferable to go to the beginning of 3D printers of FDM technology or as some call the FFF for its relatively low price. It is also preferable to go to a printer manufactured by a well-known brand to avoid the need for maintenance and repair problems suffered by many inexpensive 3D printers.
Another suggestion for the first 3D printer is also to go to open source 3D printers for its low price and the great knowledge you will get as you build your own printer!

Fab Tech Lab

In the process of accelerating the fourth industrial revolution in various fields and the need of the Arab world for such technologies, InnoTech sought to establish this laboratory in the Sultanate. After extensive experience in the field of engineering industrialization and the application of educational technologies in various governorates of the Sultanate. InnoTech was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Best Entrepreneur in the Sultanate by its CEO, Othman Al Mantheri.


The idea of ​​the FabTech mobile lab project came through the introduction of similar projects in several countries, including the importance of this project, especially in the Sultanate of Oman. Of students within the Sultanate.

Work on FabTec Mobile Lab started on Sunday 15/9/2019 at the first school of Hamoud bin Ahmed Al Busaidi School. Approximately 90 students from the school were trained in the areas of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including design and 3D printing. The lab then went on its second week at Yanqul Primary School. And the third week in Ibri school.

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