The Child Exploration Centre 

A unique family destination for anyone looking for fun and benefit for their children from 5 to 15 years old. The Center has 21 interactive educational games with the latest technologies in all fields from mathematics, space, medicine to history and other sciences. With the support and establishment of Orpic and Jusoour, and the management of InnoTech with a full Omani staff. The center also provides specialized workshops for children in the summer. The Center achieved more than 1000 visitors during its first month of operation and received a great attendance and appreciation of visitors


Only one riyal per person for all, and half a riyal for people with limited income

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Educational games

help FireFighiting

Participate in Oil Refinery Trip

virtual reality is an almost-too-real-and-highly-immersive experience for kids that will eventually include all sensory inputs. The mind can be tricked into thinking what it's experiencing is real. Here in this section the VR game helps the kids to learn the procedure of Fire extinguishing in FIRE FITING game as they are in the real world. This activity is suitable for children aged 6-12 years.

This corner is a game and educational tool that brings concepts closer and helps in understanding the meanings of things. It identifies the stages of extracting oil from exploration to production through an integrated model. Moreover, it helps to raise children thinking, perception and imagination. This activity is suitable for children aged 7-12 years.

Focus with wire loop

Tour in Suhar Fort

A simple game known to all helps to achieve the sensory kinetic synergy necessary to learn many skills, through this game can increase and raise the attention and concentration of the child. It is suitable for children aged 5-12 years.

In this corner, children try out the latest technology, virtual reality.

The VR help the children to learn about Oman history and visit one of the largest forts in Oman which is Suhar Fort. Where the children will select a character and discover the Fort and they must collect number of traditional pieces to win the game. This game is suitable for children aged 6-12 years.

Enjoy with Robots

Learn about Renewable Energy

Kids find this activity fun where they can explore the robots and playing with it by giving instructions. moreover, the educators consider it as an effective way to learn more about technology and introducing programming to students. This activity is suitable for children aged 5-12 years.

In this corner children will explore all sorts of renewable energy from solar cells, wind turbines to geo thermal and tidal waves. Children can analyze and to solve problems in new environments through giving them an idea about how energy is converted from one form into another. It is suitable for children aged 7-12 years.

Form your structure  

Try Car Repairing

This game activates mental abilities and improves children's creative talent by building and creating different shapes and buildings. This corner provides building panels that can be installed with magnets at their edges, so they can stick together easily. This activity is suitable for children aged 4-10 years

A simulation of repair shop for defect products (toys). The shop consists of a table equipped with essential repair tools like a screwdriver and a box contains defective products.  Children will enjoy fixing damaged cars and this will develop their sense of problem solving and using the tools available to get the task done. This activity is suitable for children aged 5-11 years.

Make Gears Train  

Innovate with InnoBox

In this corner, children enjoy playing with a set of gears attached to a dotted board. The child acquires self-confidence and relies on himself, and it is easy to discover and test his abilities by combining the different sizes of gears and creating amazing mechanisms. This activity is suitable for children aged 4-12 years.

InnoBox is an educational toy to help children learn electronics in a safe, fun and practical way!

It is an educational tool designed to attract the attention of the child and increase motivation to learn and rely on himself through different experiences and different difficulties. This activity is suitable for children aged 6-12 years.

work in Construction site

Construction site simulation using movable model crane to lift blocks made from foam. In this game cchildren will discover how building cranes work and learn how to stack blocks in patterns to support structures. This activity is suitable for children aged 5-12 years.

be the future doctor

This corner includes a simple buzzle with missing parts of human body and simply the child must put the missing parts in place. The game is designed in three-dimensional form, so that the child can see, touch and interact with different body parts. This game provides opportunities for positive participation in group activities with a cooperative spirit. Also, it provides child learning experiences like reality. This activity is suitable for children aged 5-12 years.

learn 3D Printing

interact with Smart Screens

One of the most promising technologies in the future. It is simply where children can 3d design and 3d print their ideas! we will let children print small giveaways for themselves and be able to take them home with them. This activity is suitable for children aged 7-12 years.

This type of games is the easiest way to acquire behavioral, movement and language skills. It is a smart touch screen with leap motion sensor that can detect hand motion and translate it into the game displayed in the screen. It can be a multiplayer game as well. Children will be able to play and learn from several educational toys by hand interaction and compete with each other. This activity is suitable for children aged 4-12 years.

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