Hwo We Are ?

InnoTech is an Omani company founded in 2013 by three young Omani engineers. We provide prototyping and manufacturing solutions in Oman as the first company.

We aim to help local inventors and entrepreneurs to make their ideas into prototypes and then products.

InnoTech also provides Virtual Reality applications and educational courses in 3D printing, programming and 3D designing.

 Entrepreneurship Award

After years of exclusivity and achievement, Othman Al-Mundhari, founder and CEO of INNOTECH, has been crowned the Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2017, awarding the Entrepreneurship Award to small and medium-sized enterprises and their supporters.
The Entrepreneurship Award aims at developing small and medium enterprises and enhancing their role in the development of the national economy. "This award is not an individual award, it is a behind-the-scenes team award," said Osman Al-Manzari, CEO of ENOTEC.
The Foundation also aspires to achieve more achievements and progress in the field of innovative technology and all that contributes to the development of this precious country.

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